MATLAB for Financial Engineering

Class TopicDuration
1Introduction To Programming in MATLAB2 Hours
2Introduction To Quant Corporate Finance2 Hours
3Data Handling & Visualization in MATLAB2 Hours
4Five MATLAB Toolboxed For Finance2 Hours
5Fixed Income2 Hours
6Financial Time Series2 Hours
7Distributions & VAR2 Hours
8Portfolio Optimization2 Hours
9Black Sholes & Monte Carlo2 Hours
10Revision2 Hours

  • Requires absolutely no knowledge of programming.
  • Highly flexible and tailored as per needs of individual.
  •  Sensitization on derivative, quant, fixed income, portfolio, VAR modelling.
  • Gives introduction to all features of MATLAB in Finance.
  •  Provide introduction about all Quantitative roles in Finance.
  •  Helpful for passing FRM, CFA, BAT exams.
  • Prepares for Master level studies in Finance or career change.
  •  Right mix of data handling, scripting, mathematical skills.
  •  Helpful for technical analysis.
  •  Contains right blend of learning and practice (Ratio 6:4).


    MATLAB For Financial Engineering
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